Is this a hotel?

  • Versailles Stay is not a hotel, we are a service residence that offers hotel-like services. Such as daily housekeeping, 24 hours front desk support, airport transfer services, laundry services , massage and spa services.


How will I check-in at Versailles Stay?

  • Standard check-in time is 2:00 PM,early check-in will cost 200/hour subject to room availability maximum of 5 hours only. Check-in exceeding 5 hours will be charged per night rate. .
  • At our Guest Lounge, please present your valid ID and booking confirmation voucher.
  • Kindly prepare Php 2,000.00 cash for security deposit, please be reminded that we accept cash for security deposit for us to refund the amount immediately upon check-out after room clearance. 
  • Our lounge offers welcome drinks or refreshments for your comfort while waiting.


What if I don't have cash in peso with me upon check-in?

  • You may provide any currency that is equivalent to 2,000 peso in cash or you may use your credit card.


How will I check-out in Versailles Stay?

  • Standard check-out 12:00 PM , late check-out will cost 200/hour subject to room availability maximum of 5 hours only. Check-out exceeding 5 hours will be charged per night rate. 
  • Proceed to Versailles Stay Guest Lounge for your check-out process and surrender the room keys and security deposit slip.
  • Room attendant will check the room.
  • Once room is clear, security deposit will be refunded in full. Please be reminded for credit card the refund will take 3 - 5 banking days.
  • Once damage or stain is found, penalties will be deducted if less than 2,000 from the security deposit. If more than 2,000.00 penalty cost, guest must add remaining penalty balance.


Do you have monthly rates?

  • Yes, we also have monthly packages that offers wide varieties that you can choose from, for more details please contact us.


Can I use an electric stove or washing machine on my stay?

  • Yes, free use of electric stove with basic kitchenware (chopping board,knife, ladle,spatula, pot,frying pan), subject to availability. 
  • Yes, free use of washing machine,detergent is not included.You may purchase detergent powder at Family Mart or 711, Ground Floor One Central Residences.


What is the maximum capacity per room type?

  • Studio Deluxe rate is good for 2 pax, maximum of 2 adults and 2 children only.
  • 1 Bedroom Twin Deluxe is good for 2 pax, maximum of 2 adults and 2 children only.
  • 1 Bedroom Deluxe rate is good for 2 pax, maximum of 2 adults and 2 children only.
  •  Executive Deluxe rate is good for 2 pax, maximum of 2 adults and 2 children only.
    • For extra bed charges may top up for only Php 1500.00 with additional amenity kit and access of the facilities.


What is Versailles Stay Child Policy?

  • 8 years old and above is considered an adult with charges.
  • 7 years old below is free of charge.


What is Versailles Stay Amenity Area Policy?

  • Only registered guests are allowed to use the fitness center and outdoor pool, also kiddie pools.Room capacity policy applies


What is Versailles Stay Housekeeping Policy?

  • All guest room will be cleaned daily between 9 AM - 7 PM only.
  • For long stay guest such as 1 week or more, we can only accept refused cleaning service for 2 consecutive days only. On the 3rd day, we will mandatory clean the room to maintain the good condition of the fixtures and furniture. 


Is this a Non- Smoking Building?

  • Yes, the building admin is strictly implementing no smoking policy.


Can my visitor stay in my room?

  • Guest visitor is always welcome in Versailles Stay until 10:00 PM only, beyond that time additional extra person charge will apply for only Php 500/person. Maximum visitors allowed 10  persons only. 
  • Dinnerware, other extra chairs and items are not provided.
  • All visitors are required to present 1 Valid ID at the Versailles Stay guest lounge for security purposes. 


If I bring my car,where can I park?

  • We have private parking exclusively for our guest, however it’s in first-come first-serve basis. 
  • Parking cost only Php 250/night from check-in time 2:00 PM to check-out time at 12:00 PM. Succeeding time will cost 20/hour subject to availability.
  • To park in our private parking, please send car details to Versailles Stay for us to register your car and notify your arrival to building security personnel.
  • A detailed parking instructions will be sent via email for your convenience. 

Pay Parking is also available at the basement, however we do not have full control as they have different management.

 If you have other clarifications and questions please contact us immediately, we are 24 hours operational and responsive.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Versailles Stay!




Our property in not a hotel, Versailles Stay is only a property management solution that offers daily,weekly and month long stay. Building admin policy still applies to all tenants and guest of One Central Residences.