Corporate Rate

3 Easy steps to activate your account:

1. Fill-up corporate account application form.
2. Send few required documents
3. Done! your account is active.

Get exclusive and customized rate for your company, we have wide range of packages that may fits your company's needs. 

Why activate an account with us?
Hassle free booking - one email away to book a reservation.
Room Availability - your company will get the first available room for each room category.
Priority booking - for every corporate booking, we make sure to allocate active account's reservation in a room with a view and prioritize desired floor level room allocation.
Exclusive Rates  and Customized Terms and Condition - every company has its own terms and condition, we are flexible and make sure to meet the clients terms to create a smooth flow of reservation process.

Once your account is activated, you can easily and directly book a room with your registered company rates via email at


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