Versailles Stay at One Central Residences

Enhanced Policies


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we'd like to introduce a safety protocol in Versailles Stay at One Central Residences, providing you and our employees with conditions for both comfortable and safe stay and work.

Versailles Stay at One Central Residences will reopen its doors to accommodate guests very soon and rest assured that we are still committed to welcoming guest with the same warmth and hospitality as we always have.


  • The reception area is disinfected at least once an hour.
  • All guest must wear a Face mask when entering the property, this shall be kept on while in public areas of the building.
  • Hand sanitizer or Alcohol is available at the reception.
  • Disinfectant Mat is placed at entrance points to sanitize shoes.
  • Guest luggage, and other parcels must disinfect when entering the reception.  
  • The reception desk, payment terminals, and room keys are disinfected on a regular basis and must be disinfected before each check-in and after check-out.
  • Safe distances have been set for guests waiting in queue for reception. The maximum number of guests staying in our lounge area is limited to 4 people.
  • The check-in procedure is contactless includes mandatory health declaration. Failure to express the statement may result in the inability to provide our service.


  • Rooms must be clean in detailed and disinfected after checking- out, along with complete disinfection of furniture and equipment available in the room, in particular a telephone, switches, Air-con remote control, and TV with remote control. Also, Handheld Atomization Disinfection Fog (HADF) will be used during cleaning of rooms.
  • The bedding is changed according to safety standards.
  • Detailed cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms.
  • Daily cleaning takes place only at the guest's request, taking all necessary precautions. The procedure is supplemented with thorough ventilation, each time disinfection of furniture and equipment available in the room. Housekeeping services during the stay of the guest shall be at the option of the following.

           >  No housekeeping services provided for 1-2 days accommodation.

           >  One time housekeeping services provided for 3-5 days accommodation.

           >  Twice housekeeping services provided for 6-7 days accommodation.

           >  Twice a week housekeeping services provided for 8-14 days accommodation and likewise for more than 15 days accommodation.

  • Cleaning staff work wear face mask and face shield while maintaining a safe distance from guests.


  • Door handles, handrails, light switches, doors leading to the corridors and staircases are disinfect several times a day.
  • Entrances are equipped with shoe sanitizing mat. 
  • Regular disinfection of the elevator takes place, at least once an hour, with the introduction of a limit on the number of people using it at the same time to max. 4 people.
  • Alcohol is available on each elevator and entrance of the property. 


  • The fitness gym, and swimming pool is open. However, it's subject by schedule. 
  • Garden Area .is limited to 2 people.


  • All employees are regularly trained in compliance with safety standards and procedures in accordance with the requirements of WHO.
  • Employee with showing symptoms of COVID-19 shall be restricted from reporting to work.
  • All staffs of Versailles Stay shall wear a protective gear (face shield, face mask as part of their uniform).
  • Common rooms for employee’s toilets and facilities are disinfected regularly, using all safety standards.

General Protocols

  • Social or physical distancing of at least 1 meter, shall be observed while inside the property.
  • Facemask, sanitation products shall be made available to guests (upon request and availability)
  • Assistance to any guest who feels unwell shall be rendered by referring and coordinating with necessary health authorities.
  • Guest are advised to remain inside their rooms and refrain from mingling other occupants.

Truly we care about the welfare of our guest and staffs and will introduce additional safety protocols as the need arises. We will continue to review the situation and adhere to all relevant authorities.

Let us all take our part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.


The Management,

Versailles Stay at One Central Residences